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Updated on 25.04.23
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The Plans and Billing page of the Admin Panel houses all info about how you use SEON. Here you can upgrade your plan, update your payment method or billing details, and access detailed statistics of your API calls.


Plans and Billing tabs

The Plans and Billings page is divided into three tabs: Billing Details, Plans and Pricing, and API Stats. Each page will offer specific details connected to your account.

Billing Details

The Billing Details page offers an overview of your plan and payment details. It will show you the most valuable data depending on whether you're using our Free of Pro plan.

Plan Details

The Plan Details widget displays which plan you are using. You can change your plan quickly by clicking the Change plan button on the right. 

If you are on the Free plan, the progress bar on the widget will show how many free API calls you have left in your current billing cycle. Pro plan subscribers can access their API usage statistics by clicking Check API Stats.

Payment Method

Pro plan users can review and change their payment settings in the Payment Method widget. 

If you're on the Free plan, you don't need to provide payment information, but your card may still appear if you've downgraded from Pro.

Billing Details

You can find the details you've provided for invoicing on the Billing Details widget. Review your current settings and click Edit to make changes.

Modify your VAT information or address on the modal that appears. Click Save to finalize your updates and double-check your data to ensure we issue invoices correctly.

Billing History

Download all your past invoices from the Billing History widget. See the most important information for each invoice, such as due dates and the amount due. Click on the link in the download column to see and save the full invoice.

Plans and Pricing

You can see your current plan or switch to a different one from this tab. 


API Stats

Thanks to SEON's flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, we'll only bill you for what you use each month. You can check your usage on the API stats tab.

The Sevices Usage widget collects the number of requests submitted over each API. You can see a detailed breakdown of your configurations below. We calculate the statistics in the widget according to the UTC timezone. As a result, some numbers may differ slightly from those on your Dashboard or the Transaction List.

Below your API usage, the Additional Services field details how many times you've used services that incur extra costs.

The Fraud API breakdown by action types widget will only appear if you've configured the action_type field in your API integration. The widget will present an overview of how many transactions of each type happened in the billing cycle.

Use the filters at the top of the page to deep-dive into your stats. The Environments filter lets you check production and sandbox API calls separately. While the date filter will let you choose custom date ranges to review your usage.

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