Updated on 16.01.23
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You can set up email notifications from the Notifications section of the My Account page.

There are two main types of notifications: Transaction Notifications and Applied Rule Notifications, both of which you can enable and set up using specific trigger actions that occur within a certain time-frame. 

These notifications are set on an account level only. This means the notification emails will be sent to the email your account is associated with.


Transaction Notifications

Get notified when when a specific number of transactions’ fraud scores meet or exceed a threshold, or when a specific transaction state is me using Transaction Notifications. You can set the fraud score threshold or the state as well as the number of transactions required to trigger the notification.

Applied Rule Notifications

Applied rule notifications tell you when one or more rules in your account are triggered by transactions passed to the SEON platform. You can set rules from within the Scoring Engine section of the admin system.

You'll be notified when the number of transactions triggering a rule reaches a specific value or alternatively get a daily/weekly/monthly digest of all transactions that met the specific criteria.


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