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Updated on 10.01.23
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Team Page

User accounts for the SEON admin panel can be managed from the Team Page. You are able to create, modify and delete existing users as well as set individual user permissions. Administrators also have the option to add profile pictures to other users’ accounts.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) should ideally be enabled for all users to improve the security of your account and protect sensitive data. When enabled, in addition to their user credentials, users will be required to use an Authenticator application to obtain and then enter an additional security code when accessing the SEON system.

The main Team menu and the Role Group administration menus can be accessed at the top of the screen


Creating New Users

Invite new team member
You can invite colleagues by clicking the “Invite new team member” button.
New users can be invited to the platform and assigned to a specific User Role (see Role Groups).

When inviting a new user, they receive an invitation email along with a link allowing them to log in and set their own user credentials.

At the point of inviting a user, you also have the ability to restrict them to the sandbox environment in order to restrict their access to live data.




Role Groups

Users within the SEON platform need to be assigned to a user role. By default, there are two user roles in the platform: Administrator and Fraud Analyst. Whilst the Administrator and Fraud Analyst roles’ permission levels cannot be modified, you are able to create and edit additional user roles within the Role Groups tab. These additional roles can have granular permission levels set against a range of areas in the system, and each area can be set to either Write Permission, Read Permission or No Permission.


My Account


You can manage your individual user account details from the My Account page - accessible from the main navigation, or by clicking your name in the top-right hand corner of the screen and then selecting My Account.



Under the Profile tab, you can see useful information about your user account, including your Production and Sandbox license keys. These keys are used to authenticate your API Requests, depending on which environment you want to send them to.

You can enable two factor authentication, upload a profile picture or change the password of your account here. 

Administrators are also able to cancel the account subscription here.


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