Integration Timeline

SEON Integration

Kick off meeting

• Showcased product

• Defined use case

• Identified relevant product features

• Defined contacts

• Created SEON demo account

Historical Data Provided (optional)

• Collected historical transactions

• Negative/positive labelled historical transactions

• Provided historical data to SEON for analysis

Historical Analysis (optional)

• Analysed historical data and created report

Technical Integration

• Selected data fields for requests

• Formatted data according to SEON API

• Submitted sample transactions

• Validated sample transactions by SEON

• Integrated clients production environment

Feedback Loop

• Adjusted scoring thresholds

• Ensured (API/Manually) proper labelling

Passive Listening

• Implemented rules based on historical data

• Implemented custom, industry specific rules

• Fine-tuned machine learning algorithm

• Minimised false positive & negative rates

Live Mode

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