SSO Integration

Updated on 31.08.22
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Connect your SSO account with SEON

Single Sign-On (SSO) lets you sign in to SEON with the credentials you use to log in to an identity provider, adding an extra layer of security to your and your team's accounts.


Supported providers

We support SSO integrations with key partners and providers such as Google Workspace, Azure AD, and Okta.


Set up your IDP

Before you get started, you will need to set up a custom SAML application. We recommend following the specific guides by each of our partners for this part.


URIs needed for the setup

Assertion Consumer Service (ACS)
Audience URI (SP Entity ID)

You can find your company details from the Settings page, once you turn on SSO Login:

Turn on SSO Login


URIs needed for the XML Schemas

First name
Last name


Example of attribute mapping for Okta

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