Product Overview


Fraud is a complex problem and SEON a comprehensive solution. Learn how to take your first steps from The Knowledge.

SEON'S method


Social media, digital and device footprint
One API call using phone, email, IP to deliver real-time insights into every interaction, order, account, buyer, transaction, opportunity.


Phone, email, 
IP, device

Data EnrichmentApplying RulesFraud score &
flag transactions

Powered by AI & Machine Learning

Intelligent risk scoring adapts hourly to how different businesses evaluate risk. Because every business deals with risk differently.


SEON combines open data from digital and social signals in real-time. Using phone, email, IP, and device lookups to give you additional insights into every interaction, order, account, transaction, or opportunity.

Our Scoring Engine is powered by blackbox and whitebox machine learning for its speed and scale in processing volumes of data. Blackbox machine learning gives you accuracy, and whitebox machine learning gives you transparency. So you can easily see how and why a decision or risk score is made.


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