Admin Panel

The SEON dashboard was designed to be intuitive, collaborative, and fully flexible. Boost team collaboration while reducing fraud rates with powerful analytics tools and features.


The Dashboard

Widgets on the dashboard are built around the main KPIs and aggregated data of our service, providing useful information for later configuration and analysis. 

By default, it displays top transaction locations, an overview of transactions and transaction labels, statistics on applied rules and a summary of your team's work within SEON. For more info, visit our dedicated guide.  


Transactions view

The Transactions page is the main area for manual reviewing. The list is generated from the input and API response attributes. The transaction list can be ordered by clicking the top attributes and you can also modify list columns under View settings. 

Transaction Details

The list contains the most important data of the transaction. To open the Transaction details page, click the row.

State Change

The state of one or multiple transactions can be changed directly from the list view. This also feeds our machine learning algorithm and your custom positive and negative labels can be selected too. For bulk action, select multiple rows then set a state at the bottom.


Analytics Features

SEON offers a wide range of analytic and collaboration tools to make fraud managers’ lives easier. Set up different permission levels, manage blacklists and workflows, and reduce fraud in the most convenient way.


Behaviour Analytics

Collect and screen complete customer activity on your website via APIs. Enable specific algorithms at login, checkout or signup, and prevent abuse at the earliest access point possible.

Activity Page

View historical transactions for the same customer under the Activity tab. Columns are customizable and every new user device is highlighted. State changes and details are also accessible from here.

Customer Connections

We help to visualize shared data points between your customers to easily spot fraud rings. You can select any data point used by the customer or check for connections using every available data point. You can easily mark from this menu for quick blacklisting.

Analyst Log

You can review the list every team member's action related to the transaction (such as view, state change, blacklisting, note, etc.). This speeds up workflows and simplifies collaboration.