End-to-end Fraud Prevention

Our modular risk scoring solution leverages the same aforementioned data enrichment APIs, along with device fingerprinting, which looks at users’ browser and device hardware configurations. All the data is fed through rules, which calculate the risk for specific user actions (login, signup, etc.) or transactions.


Harness the power of Machine Learning through the most sophisticated Admin Panel to gain the upper hand against fraudsters. Deliver clear results with an automated, machine-driven workflow. SEON gives fraud managers a complete end-to-end solution with flexible features to fit the way you do business. 

Fight fraud where and how your business needs to. SEON enriches and analyzes data points at signup, checkout, or login, and delivers clear precision scoring to help you mitigate fraud risk intelligently.

API Portfolio

The SEON engine works as a complete end-to-end solution, consisting of various API modules. They are all easy to enable and integrate, configurable and capable of high performance.

You can find a detailed description of all APIs on the API Reference page.