SEON is built to be flexible from the ground up. Modular APIs allow you to pick and mix based on your business needs. 

These APIs are available and can be queried with custom parameters that can return metadata about the data point (e.g. how many times the given IP address or email was seen throughout SEON, has it been flagged as suspicious, etc.). 

The system is completely transparent, every data point and the reasoning behind the scores are represented in the API response.


SEON's portfolio of API modules:


Email API

Combines email lookup with open data from social media networks. See our Email API Docs.

Phone API

Combines phone number lookup with open data from social media networks. See our Phone API Docs.


Detects fake, harmful, and suspicious IPs as well as proxies, TORs, and VPNs. See our IP API Docs.


Complement your fraud prevention toolkit with anti-money laundering tools. AML API makes anti-money laundering checks efficient and pain-free. See our AML API Docs.

Fraud API

Contains our Email, Phone, IP APIs and supports our device fingerprinting module. It is fully flexible, so you can still choose to enable or disable each API. See our Fraud API Docs.

Label API

This API lets you label transactions as legitimate or fraudulent via a PUT request. It sends us feedback that refines our algorithm for further accuracy for you. See our Label API Docs.

Lists API

Blacklist, whitelist or reset any Fraud API request and response parameter, with a comment and expiration using a PUT request. See our Lists API Docs.

Self Exclusion API

For iGaming operators who need to enable self exclusion. This API uses email, phone, full name, date of birth, user country, and user zip data fields. Users can be defined by email or user IDs in the requests. A PUT request is used to exclude users, and a DELETE request is used to reverse the exclusion. See our Self Exclusion API Docs.

Erase API

Under GDPR, data controllers and processors are obliged to delete all personal data upon request. With our Erase API, you can erase all data related to one or multiple users by providing email or user IDs. See our Erase API Docs.

Email Verification API

This lets you check if an email address is valid using a fast SMTP-MX check. See our Email Verification API Docs.