API Policy

As part of our efforts to provide you with always up-to-date tools to fight fraud, we are introducing a new API policy taking effect on February 29, 2024 and applicable until further notice. 

New API policy

Major version numbers must be increased if a breaking change is introduced. 

Breaking changes:

  • Removing or renaming a request field, response field, or enum value
  • Adding a new required request field (or making a previously optional field required)
  • Changing the syntax or semantics of a request or response field
  • A field’s validation rules are more strict, e.g., the max length of the discount_code field is decreased to 25 characters

Non-breaking changes:

  • New endpoints are introduced
  • New methods added to existing endpoints
  • New optional fields added the request
  • Changing the order of the fields in the JSON response
  • New fields added to the response
  • Any changes in HTTP response headers
  • Changes to error messages
  • Adding new error codes
  • Enum value sets extended

Under the umbrella of the new API policy, we have been introducing brand new endpoints for each API and SDK and sunsetting older ones. Follow the applicable migration guides to update to the latest available endpoints.