Overview & Steps for Intelligence Tool

The Intelligence Tool is a lightweight method for accessing SEON's data enrichment APIs, optimized to provide additional data points via digital identity analysis about a customer, either for manual review or enrichment of an existing system. The data can be accessed via the Admin Panel or a Chrome extension or the APIs, allowing you to gain the digital footprint information from a customer's email or phone number, or a check the device IP details, as well as the risk scores associated with the returned information. They can be called with one click as the extension recognizes the data in the browser on mouse over.

The APIs are available and can be queried with custom parameters that can return metadata about the data point (eg. how many times the given IP address or email was seen throughout SEON, has it been flagged as suspicious, etc.). The system is completely transparent, every data point and the reasoning behind the scores are represented in the API response. By default the main APIs deliver amongst other data:

  • Social media and messenger footprint (associated with the email or phone number)
  • Phone carrier information
  • Domain information (associated with the email address)
  • Data breach information (associated with the email address)
  • IP information (geolocation, ISP, IP type, proxy type)



The Intelligence Tool can be accessed either via Manual page queries, the APIs, or as a Chrome extension that can be downloaded from the Chrome webstore. To use it, you need to register a SEON account, either after booking a demonstration or by signing up on the website. You may use the tool after logging in to your SEON account in the extension.


Overview of APIs

The Intelligence Tool uses the same core set of APIs as the Sense platform, except for the device fingerprinting module. 

Email API

Checks if the given email address is registered on social networking sites or was involved in a known data leak, allowing the analyst to quickly recognize fresh- or throwaway email addresses.

For more information, please check the product overview section.


Phone API

Checks if the given phone number is on messaging services, as well as returning information on the carrier, allowing the analyst to determine whether the number is virtual or a freshly registered throwaway.

For more information, please check the product overview section.



The geolocation associated with the IP address is returned as well if it is a known proxy or not. Best used to determine whether the customer is travelling, the purchase is the result of an account takeover attack or if the user is trying to hide their real location.

For more information, please check the product overview section.


History and Flags - Customer Parameters

Using the API, you can get additional meta-information about the data points. This is useful to determine whether or not a given email, phone number or IP address has been seen before by other SEON clients and whether or not they have been flagged as suspicious. They may be accessed using the following parameters and will return the following information. See the API Reference for a detailed list of the available parameters for the history and flags objects.

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