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Our API uses a standard HTTP Authorization header. This protects your account and the data within it so only you and SEON can access them. 

You must provide authentication for all API requests using the following format: 
X-API-KEY: [license_key]


Error Details

In case of problems with the API request payload or authentication, SEON returns specific error codes in the error property of the response body. You should be able to understand the exact issue based on the returned error codes. 

For a detailed list of error codes, please check the API Reference - Error codes.


Rate Limits

Rate limits are in place to prevent misuse and overloading of our systems. The limit takes into account all requests with a specific license key, not individual API requests.

For trial accounts, there is a 2 request/second limit, and after the trial period, this limit increases to 10 requests/second. 


Timeout logic

We recommend that all client integration codes should be able to cope with timeout responses on their end. 

If a response, either success or error, is not returned within the Timeout settings for the Email/Phone API request then we recommend that the client should accept the transaction by default. The transaction should only be blocked if a response is received from SEON with a state or score trigger indicating that this action should occur. For further information please refer to our whitepaper on dealing with high scores and states.

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