Integration kick-off meeting


Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to helping you get up and running with SEON quickly and without hassle. Schedule an optional call with one of our experts to streamline your integration process, receive bespoke insight into your use case, and a detailed analysis of how you will get the most from SEON.

What you'll learn

To get the best results from your integration kick-off, consider where you could benefit the most from SEON. You can easily integrate our APIs for single or multiple use cases, including onboarding, login, transaction or purchase monitoring, or even credit scoring.

Our team can help you with integrating our APIs, tell you which data fields will be most valuable to you, and help ensure your backend logic will give you the best results.

Following the meeting, you'll have a clear picture of

  • where to integrate SEON's APIs,
  • which fields you should use for the best results,
  • the best timeout settings for your use case and location,
  • common errors and mistakes to look out for.

Who should be there?

We know. Meetings can be tough to manage across departments and full calendars. Luckily, due to how simple integrating our APIs is, you only need three people to join the integration kick-off meeting:

  • a fraud or risk manager, who is involved in how your company will use SEON,
  • a project manager or engineering decision-maker who will support the integration,
  • a developer who can spot any technical questions that pop up.

Our Customer Success Team members with fraud-fighting experience will join them.

What happens next?

Using insights from the meeting and our integration documentation and API reference, you should have everything you need to get SEON up and running in a matter of days – or even hours for simpler use cases.

Our team will set up a dedicated support channel for you after the integration kick-off meeting on a platform of your choosing. You’ll be able to reach out to them easily with any questions and difficulties that come up as you integrate.