Mapping workshop


Sit down with our stellar Customer Success team to connect the field names your system uses with the names our Fraud API will understand and use. Learn which fields to use, what data you should send in custom fields, and understand your customers even better with SEON. Mapping workshops are only available on our Pro plan.


Your mapping workshop

Length30–50 minutes
Your attendeesFraud/risk manager, project manager, developer (optional)
SEON attendeesCustomer Success specialists
What you'll need
  • An idea of what data fields you can send to SEON
  • An understanding of where you want to integrate SEON's API's
  • A semi-complete mapping template
What you'll get
  • Bespoke support on ensuring the best results for your API integration
  • A detailed understanding of what you can achieve with SEON
  • Ideas on how you can unlock insights into your customers with our data


Matching default fields

For SEON’s APIs to work, you will have to use the field names defined in our API reference documentation. Of course, these field names may not match the names your internal systems use.
While some matches say phone and phone_number are easy to make, more complex connections can get difficult. That’s where mapping comes in.

Our Customer Success team is happy to draw a map for your devs to ensure that every piece of data finds its way to the right spot of the Admin Panel. Collect the data types you can or want to send our way and we’ll tell you the best field names to use.


Custom fields

Flexibility is one of SEON’s core features. All the fields you’d like to send our way that don’t fit into one of our API’s usual data fields can be set up as custom fields.

There is almost no limit to the amount and type of data you can put into custom fields. We've seen our travel customers send us flight numbers and departure/arrival at airport. Our ecommerce partners will often list whether an order is pay on delivery or not. Igaming clients often use custom fields to track their users' tipping habits or affiliate earnings.

You can easily create any number of custom fields simply by adding them to the end of your API request under the custom_fields object. Simply format your custom fields as any other data field in your request according to the rules of the programming language you use. 

All data sent to the admin panel in custom fields can be seen in the Custom Fields widget of the Transaction Details page. Once these data points are in SEON, you can use them to filter transactions or create custom rules specific to your business.


Understanding your customers

Your custom fields coupled with SEON's data enrichment technology will help you understand your customers better than ever before. This wealth of data can help unlock new revenue opportunities for your business.

Beyond checking for digital profiles, SEON's data enrichment tools can help you learn more about your customers. 

For example, a LinkedIn pr Airbinb profile may indicate a higher disposable income. This could inform BNPL risk decision-making, while the latter may help travel providers identify potentially high-value customers.

Our device fingerprinting can help you identify the devices your customers are using. Device type and age can also be indicators of a customer's occupation or income level, thus a lower level of risk. Alternatively, native privacy and security solutions baked into some devices and operating systems can aid fraudsters, making transactions from these devices more risky.

As the examples above show, the same data fields and at time the same results can have different interpretations depending on your risk appetite and industry. Our Customer Success specialists are all experienced fraud fighters themselves, with a wealth of knowledge that can help you make the most of SEON's data enrichment.