Filing SAR reports

Updated on 22.04.24
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Once the investigation of a case is ready, you can initiate your SAR filing process. A SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) is mandatory for financial institutions that observe suspicious activity in an account. The report is filed with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), which will then investigate the incident.

SAR filing involves filling out an extensive form with all the relevant transaction details and red flags. We provide detailed information tooltips to assist less experienced SAR reporters. Additionally, our SAR file generator incorporates over 140 business validations. This ensures that your SAR is properly filled out and will pass the FinCEN validation process.

Once your SAR report is ready and all validations have run without errors, you can download your SAR report in XML or ZIP format. This file can be easily uploaded to FinCEN's e-filing system.


Prefilling aid and Narrative generated by AI

SEON offers prefilling capabilities and AI-generated SAR form fillings. This means that, with the right setup, SAR fields can be populated with a single click, eliminating large amounts of repetitive manual work. 

The right data for properly generated pre-filled SAR includes:

  • organization data,
  • transaction data,
  • user data,
  • alert triggers crafted in plain English with significant explanatory force,
    and an investigation summary.