Tweak your SEON for Shopify settings

Updated on 10.03.23
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SEON was built with you in mind – customize and tweak the features and settings so you always fight fraud in the best way for you.


Dive into the details

Check out these advanced customization options to get the most out of SEON.


Customize your risk appetite

Set which orders are moved into the APPROVE, REVIEW, and DECLINE states labels by tweaking the scoring thresholds. Learn more here.


Scoring engine

You can create rules for the Scoring Engine based on any relevant logic to personalize how SEON makes decisions. The Scoring Engine Page allows you to review and modify existing rules or add new ones. Learn more here.


Manage lists

Manage all blacklisted, whitelisted, and flagged values in your account. To add new values to the blacklist or whitelist, you can either manually enter the fields and values or upload a CSV. Learn more here.


Payment capture

Automatically capture authorized payments for genuine orders with an APPROVE state. Learn more here.


Order cancellation

Protect your business and automatically cancel orders that SEON marks high risk. Learn more here.


Fulfillment hold

Hold the fulfillment of risky orders in the REVIEW or DECLINE state in Shopify. Learn more here.


Integration customization

For custom requests and customization regarding the integration with your Shopify store, please contact us. 

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