Customize your risk appetite with SEON for Shopify

Updated on 10.03.23
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With SEON, everything is under your control: with endless customization options, you can find the setup that fits your business best.

Ensure that you catch fraudsters without limiting the access of legitimate customers by setting your own scoring threshold.

Risk Scoring in SEON

After an automated order check, SEON calculates a risk (fraud) score for each order, then assigns one of three states: APPROVE (0–9), REVIEW (10–19), or DECLINE (20–100). 


How to set scoring thresholds

You can lower or raise every state's scoring threshold whenever you want. If you do so, all new orders will be scored and recommendations made based on the new settings. This change won't affect your previous orders.

1. Go to Apps.

2. Open SEON Fraud Prevention app.

3. Go to Settings.

4. Adjust the scoring threshold settings to your liking.

5. You’ll receive a confirmation message after updating.



1. Log in to SEON’s Admin Panel.

2. Go to the Settings page.

3. Select the System tab.

4. Adjust the threshold settings to your liking.

5. Scroll down and hit Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

6. You are all set!


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