Checking orders with SEON for Shopify

Updated on 10.03.23
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A SEON transaction is any order placed with a successfull transaction on your Shopify store (POS orders are excluded) that SEON analyzes. Fraud prevention at SEON happens at the order level, to help you catch suspicious and risky requests.


Where to find the order check results

You can check the order analysis in both SEON’s Admin Panel and your Shopify admin. We sync the order check results from SEON to Shopify. Some updates made later to the order check on SEON’s Admin Panel will also be reflected on your Shopify order details page. If you change the order check state in SEON we'll update the order risk level and the order tags added by SEON on Shopify’s order details page.


In Shopify

1. Go to your Orders list.

2. Each order checked will be tagged with two SEON order tags: SEON state (LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH) and SEON fraud score (0-100).

3. Click on an order to select it.

4. Scroll down to the Fraud analysis section.

5. Click View full analysis.

6. Select the SEON Fraud Prevention tab.

7. You’ll see the order risk level (LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH) and the applied rules under Indicators.

On the order Timeline you’ll find actions performed by SEON (when enabled and available).



1. Log in to SEON.

2. Head to Transactions.

3. Click on a transaction to select it.

4. Review the applied rules at the top of the page and scroll down to see the details of the full order analysis. 

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