Custom fields and industry-specific widgets

Updated on 28.11.23
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SEON is made to be customizable to counter the fraud risks specific to your business. As widgets are the heart and soul of analyzing transactions in SEON, we've created a collection of widgets that not everyone will use. Still, these widgets will perfectly satisfy an itch for those that need them.

Custom Fields widget

You can use custom fields to truly customize your fraud-fighting experience. SEON collects and creates hundreds of data points, but you can also do your part.

With custom fields, you can send any data to SEON, even if it doesn't have a dedicated default field. You can configure custom fields in two ways:

  • Add custom fields to your API request following the formatting on our API reference page.
  • Enter custom fields manually into the text box available within the User Details section of the Transaction tab on the Manual Lookup page.

You can then start using custom fields in custom rules – to ensure these data points are part of your risk scoring.

Custom fields widget

Examples of custom fields

The kinds of custom fields you use will vary wildly depending on your industry. Here are a few examples we've seen:

  • Information connected to KYC and identify verification checks
    • National ID numbers user_label:national_id
    • Address information user_label:postcode
    • Verification status user_label:kyc_status
  • Additional customer data
    • Customer status or account type user_label:vip_level or user_label:user_is_sponsor
    • Customer type: user_label:is_business_customer
  • Account activity and payments
    • Historical deposits and witrhdrawals from an account: user_label:total_withdrawals user_label:lifetimedeposit
    • Date the customer was last seen user_label:lastcasinoactivity

There really is no limit to what you can do with custom fields, and our Customer Success Team is always ready to help you get started.


User Revenue widget

user revenue widget

The User Revenue widget lets you quickly see a snapshot of the user's revenue based on how much they’ve deposited and withdrawn within a certain time frame.

The amounts are calculated based on transactions where the action_type was set to deposit or withdrawal.

On the top right corner you can choose the time frames you want to view within the past year and select a Brand where the revenue was earned. This is based on the brand_id field sent via the Fraud API.

On the bottom you see the total bonus or deposit rate for the user.

  • Total bonus used: Sum of the transaction amount in transactions where bonus_campaign_id field was sent as not null or empty.
  • Total bonus / total deposit: Total bonus as described above / Sum of transaction amount in transactions where action_type was deposit.


Order details widget

order details widget

Any additional information about the order that has been passed into SEON via the API can be accessed from the Order Details widget. 

This includes notes, discount codes, and gift messages.



Transactional Information Widget

The Transactional Information Widget shows all other transactional and payment information passed to SEON via the API.

This includes details about the payment method, bank account, and any relevant verification steps, such as user verification or 3D-Secure.

transactional information widget


Flight information widget

Where flight information is passed to the SEON API,  the Flight Information Widget is displayed. 

It shows any information related to the flight itself, including departure times, cabin classes, and any personal details about the passenger(s).