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Customers List

The Customers List page displays the same data as the transactions page, but broken down per customer rather than by individual transactions. 

You can access the same search and  filtering functionalities as the Transactions List.

  • The Transaction List can be filtered by selecting the “Filters” drop down at the top of the screen. Complex filters can be easily applied to any data fields in your account by using the simple interface. Please see instructions under the Transactions List for further information.
The list can be ordered by clicking the column titles.



The current viewed Customer List - either default or filtered can be exported as a CSV for external analysis.

To export the current customer list, click the Export button at the top of the screen, enter your email address and select the Export button. If a filter is currently applied to the main Customer List then you are also able to select whether the export contains all transactions or the currently filtered view.

When the export has been generated, you shall receive a download link via Email. 

Previous exports can be redownloaded or deleted from the list on the right hand side. 


Customer Details

Clicking on any customer row in the Customer List will bring up the Customer Details view for that customer.

The Customer Details screen has three main tabs for investigating and analysing the selected customer- Details, Activity and Customer Connections.



The same widgets as the Transaction Details Widgets are shown in the Details page. They show the latest data aggregated across all transactions for the selected customer. Please see details on these under the Transaction Details for further information.

Additionally, when viewing a customer, you can export all of their data in a PDF format by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. This is useful for writing chargeback disputes/re-presentment documents.



When viewing the details of a customer, all their historical transactions can be viewed on the Activity tab accessible at the top of the screen. 

This view shows the detail of each transaction, along with the ability to update the state of each transaction directly. 

The type of transaction can be selected from the drop down above the column headers and additionally, the date range shown can be changed to either show all transactions or those within the last 30 or 7 days. The screen can be customized to show specific columns of data by clicking the settings option at the end of the column headers. 


Customer Connections

The Customer Connections tab allows for the data relationships between the current customer and other related customers to be investigated and interrogated. 

You can tick the checkboxes next to the values you want to see connections for. 

If you select multiple data points, only those customers will be shown who share all the selected values with the currently selected customer. 

Clicking on the ‘Blacklist’ or ‘Normal’ buttons next to connected customers allow for them to be easily added to the block list or likewise removed from it. If multiple, fraudulent accounts are identified then they can all be added or removed by using the ‘Ban All’ or ‘Restore All’ options.

The time interval for identifying matching connections can be changed by using the filter options at the top of the screen.

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