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Updated on 19.05.22
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Manual Page

The Manual Page offers you a simple way to enter manual transactions into our data enrichment functions, as well as a useful testing platform. Additionally, it allows for the batch testing of a number of transactions.

In the header, you can access the batch tester, list all previous manual transactions or add a new one


Add New

It is possible to enter a manual transaction from the Add New tab. You can enter an email address, IP address or phone number as well as any of the other data points that are accessible from the SEON API. 


Batch Testing CSV Upload

The batch testing tools allow for running multiple calls at the same time through the SEON APIs.

This allows for testing historical customer and transactional data, in order to create better performing rules and a highly accurate scoring system.


For more comprehensive bulk transactional analysis, it is possible to upload a CSV file containing more data points. Uploaded CSV files are analysed and then the results can be emailed to the specified Delivery Address as a new CSV file. 

It is possible to include the input parameters in the batch result file by selecting the “Include input parameters” tick box.

The format of the uploaded CSV file should obey the following rules:

  • Email addresses require an “email” column. 
  • IP Addresses require an “ip” column.
  • Column delimiter: semi-colon (;)
  • Row delimiters: line break
  • String enclosure if needed: quotation mark (")
  • 30,000 records maximum (the rest will be truncated)

Manual Transactions

The Manual Transactions screen lists all previously entered manual requests and allows the user to select one to view the full transaction results.

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