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Updated on 27.11.23
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Use the manual lookup page to check data and transactions with SEON directly from the Admin panel. Submit data to the Email, Phone, IP, BIN, or AML API separately, or combine your data to complete a full transaction analysis with SEON's Fraud API. You can run manual lookups even if you haven't completed your API integration.


Manual lookup tabs

Manual Lookup page tabs

You'll find seven tabs on the Manual Lookup page. Select which data point you want to run a manual lookup with, or go to the Batch test tab is where you can upload data for batch testing.


Running manual lookups

If you're just starting, Manual Lookup is one of the first pages you'll visit in SEON. It allows you to see the wealth of data SEON unlocks firsthand without going through the API integration process.

That being said, manual lookups may be an essential part of using SEON even after it becomes one of your everyday tools. Follow the steps below to fight fraud at your best.

New manual lookup

The Manual Lookup page is your starting point for fraud-fighting on the SEON Admin Panel. Choose the type of lookup you'd like to do based on the data you can share with SEON. You can run checks using SEON's standalone APIs (email, phone, IP, Card BIN, AML) or with the Fraud API (Transaction tab). The more data you share, the more exact the results will be.


Email Lookup

Email lookup tab on the Manual Lookup page

Enter an email address into the field and hit enter or click Run email lookup. You can check several emails simultaneously by separating each value with a comma. The email lookup will provide technical details about the email address and domain. 

We'll check if the address has been involved in any data breaches. While data breaches are alarming for everyday people, they also prove that an email address has been used before, even helping you to deduce its minimum age (the earliest data breach it was involved in). 

Most people use the same address for years with several different online services. SEON will also check 90+ social media sites and digital platforms for user accounts tied to either email addresses or phone numbers.

Phone Lookup

Phone lookup tab of the Manual Lookup page

Check whether a phone number is valid and in use with a Phone Lookup. Enter a number (with country code) and click Run phone lookup or separate several numbers with commas.

SEON will show technical information about the number. Whether it's valid, its type (e.g., mobile or landline), and its carrier.

We'll also check if the phone number has been registered with popular social media networks or messaging apps.

If you've enabled HLR and CNAME lookup on your account, SEON will also help you identify the registered owner of a number.

IP Lookup

IP lookup tab of the Manual Lookup page

Run an IP Lookup to learn about the connection a customer is using to access your site. Identify VPNs, proxies, and the Tor network with ease. Enter IPv4 or IPv6 addresses and click Run IP lookup to start.

Beyond spotting suspicious connections, we'll show you a customer's open ports and take a look at spam databases to see if the IP has been blocked.

Card BIN lookup

Card BIN lookup tab of the Manual Lookup page

Learn about the cards customers are using to pay for your products with our BIN lookup. Enter 4, 6, 7, 8, or 9-digit BINs and click Run BIN lookup to get started.

Check the issuer of a bank card, its type, and country of origin at a glance. We'll even show you AVS result codes and CVV check results to help you gauge the risk of a transaction.

AML lookup

AML lookup tab of the Manual Lookup page

Check a name against the most important global sanctions and financial crime watch lists and identify politically exposed persons (PEP) easily with SEON's AML API.

Enter your customer's full name to begin. Optionally you can fill out the First name, Middle name, Last name, and  the Date of Birth, Country, or User ID fields to improve result accuracy.

You can turn on exact search with the toggle below - by default, results will include similar names using fuzzy search to help you find relevant results when your search terms are misspelt or a name has multiple different variants. 

Use the Turn on monitoring toggle if you'd like us to re-check the provided details automatically each month.

Transaction lookup

Transaction lookup tab of the Manual Lookup page

Unlock the full power of SEON's fraud-fighting capabilities manually. Mix and match our standalone APIs according to your needs to catch suspicious activities unique to your business.

To run a quick lookup, fill out any of the Email Address, IP address, Phone number, Card BIN, User full name, or User ID fields. You can also run  an AML lookup by using the toggle below. Click Run manual transaction lookup under the drop-down options to run the check.

Click the Open manual transactions link to open a filtered view of the Transactions list page.

If you'd like to provide more information to improve your accuracy, use the drop-down menus to find any field that can be included in a Fraud API request.


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