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Updated on 05.05.23
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How does Seon prevent fraud?

We collect the relevant order, transaction, and customer information available from Shopify, we add our own device fingerprinting data and run it through our scoring engine to provide the best recommendation for every order.


How can I test SEON for Shopify?

Placing a test order to validate changes or ideas is always a great option. Please submit an order that has a successful transaction and you’ll be able to see SEON in action. Keep in mind that orders with a 100% discount ($0 total price) won’t be checked as no transaction will be created. 

Can I check an order received before using SEON?

You can manually check an order that was not yet processed by SEON. Learn more here.


Does SEON offer a chargeback guarantee or protection?

SEON doesn't offer chargeback guarantee because we believe in a different business model, charging only micro fees on every order checked. There is a big conflict of interest with the chargeback guarantee model, where providers are incentivized to lower the chargeback frequency, even by risking more false positives that can result in lost revenue for the store.
SEON is extremely customizable, with the goal of providing top-level protection while also maximizing genuine revenue. 

Can I customize the system?

Absolutely, SEON gives you full flexibility regarding decisions so you can best tailor the system for your own specific business needs.


Which billing plan is suitable for me?

We offer billing plans with different monthly order check volumes and support levels to suit most customer needs. We recommend choosing the one best suits your monthly average order volume and the required support level.


Does SEON offer custom billing plans?

We can create custom billing plans when the monthly order volume is high or a monthly fixed subscription is more suitable. For more information, please contact our team at


How can I cancel my subscription?

Uninstalling the SEON Fraud Prevention app from your Shopify admin will automatically cancel any active subscriptions. 

Can I exclude orders from the fraud check?

By default, SEON will check every order received with a successful transaction. It’s key to check all orders to best identify risk patterns. There is an option to exclude orders from the check based on certain properties, for more info about this, please contact our team.


Is the default setup enough for me?

We created a robust default setup for Shopify that will start protecting the store immediately. This will cover most risk patterns automatically, but as stores are not created equally and risk levels are not the same for everyone, for maximum efficiency we recommend further tailoring of the setup for individual needs.

What are the datapoints used by SEON in the fraud check?

SEON uses the relevant order, transaction and customer information available from Shopify in addition to our own device fingerprinting technology. You can find a complete list of properties here.


What is the Scoring threshold (risk tolerance)?

SEON assigns fraud scores to every order ranging from 0 to 100, based on default, custom, and machine learning rules. Every business has a different risk appetite, so you can adjust the different state thresholds to your needs. With this flexibility, the system can be tailored to best protect the business while keeping maximum approval rates.


Does the REVIEW state (recommendation) means SEON is still reviewing the order?

The REVIEW state assigned is a recommendation for you, the merchants to review the order before fulfillment. We provide you with as many details as possible to help in making the best decision based on the available data.


Does the DECLINE state (recommendation) automatically decline/cancel the order?

No, if the Order Cancellation feature is disabled SEON will check the order for fraud, it will provide the full analysis, but it won’t automatically cancel or do anything with the order.


Can I block a customer from placing an order?

SEON receives the order, transaction, and customer data immediately after an order was placed, so it’s technically not possible to prevent a customer from placing an order as there won’t yet be any data available based on which to prevent it.
However, you can blacklist a customer or any customer data points to immediately flag the customer when the set criteria is met.


How can I black- or whitelist a customer?

You can black- or whitelist a customer or certain customer datapoints on the List page of the admin panel. Learn more about lists and flagging here. We recommend that you only add unique customer data to the black or whitelist. 


Can I customize the order tags added by SEON?

You can't customize the order tags added by SEON, but there is an option to disable them if you don’t like the default setup.


Can I disable the order tags added by SEON?

There is an option to only have the recommendation tag or both tags completely disabled. To update this, please contact our team.


Can I disable the indicators under the order details Fraud Analysis section?

It is possible to disable the indicators from being synced back to Shopify’s order details page. Please contact our team to disable it.


How to get fraud checks without SEON automatically handling the orders?

By default, the Order Cancellation feature is disabled, so SEON will perform the fraud check without handling or doing anything with the order. It’ll only provide you with the fraud analysis details and a recommendation.


How long does it take for Seon to check an order for fraud?

SEON checks every order in real-time as they come into Shopify and within a few seconds provides a recommendation.


Do I have to customize SEON before using it?

We provide a robust default setup, but further customization is always a good idea to make sure the setup is a perfect fit for your specific business. We recommend monitoring the system’s recommendations and applying tweaks where necessary.


Will the customizations affect previous orders?

When a change is applied it will take effect only for the next incoming order and previous orders won’t be affected.


How can I customize or add new rules?

You can enable/disable the default rules and change the scores they assign or create completely new custom rules in the Scoring Engine. Learn more about Custom rules here.


Can I change an order check state manually?

You can change the order check state (recommendation) on the admin panel at any time. This will replace the recommendation order tag and update the risk level on the Shopify order details page under the Fraud analysis to reflect the newly selected state.


Will manual state changes trigger the payment capture, fulfillment hold, or order cancellation events?

When a feature is enabled and associated with a particular order check state it’ll also be triggered when assigning that state manually on the admin panel.


Can I use a SEON account with multiple stores?

You can use one account with only one store, but you can have multiple accounts each linked to different stores. We’ll automatically use the shop’s email address to create the account. If you have multiple stores with the same email address we advise you to tweak the email address of the already registered account under the Team page on the admin panel.

For example, the original email is: ? tweak it to:

You’ll be able to log in to the admin panel straight from the SEON app, this tweak won’t change the flow, but you can now add SEON to another shop with the same email as the original one. Keep in mind, we can only have one account registered under one email address, so you might have to repeat the process if you have several stores with the same shop email address.


Does SEON check POS orders?

No, POS (point of sale) orders are automatically excluded from the order checks.


Can I add a comment to an order?

Yes, you can do so and help your team cooperate when reviewing orders. Simply add a note in the Notes widget  (character limit is 255) in the Transaction Details view. 

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