How to send custom order information to SEON

Updated on 10.03.23
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SEON will immediately check the orders as they come in with a successful transaction. It will get all the order, transaction, and customer information that is available at the moment the successful transaction triggers the order check. In some cases, you might want to add custom properties, like order tags that you can use in SEON for customized decision-making.

How it works

You can use automation, like Shopify Flow to add custom properties to the order. For example, you can add order tags that will be available in SEON’s Custom fields ? tags field. These can be used in custom rules to help you best tweak the system for any unique business-specific cases.

How to set it up

We’ll use Shopify Flow as an example:

1. Set the trigger to be Order paid

2. Create any desired condition (when needed). 

3. Add the action. 

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