Quick Start Guide to SEON for Shopify

Updated on 26.09.23
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SEON for Shopify

Connect SEON to your Shopify store to detect, prevent and stop fraudulent orders before they can harm your business. You'll find our Shopify app here.

SEON integrates with your Shopify store. It will automatically receive the order, transaction, and customer data directly from Shopify's APIs immediately after an order was placed. These are essential to do an in-depth, real-time fraud analysis and provide a recommendation within seconds.


We've got your back

We'll make sure that every customer who purchases from your store is who they say they are.

  • Get set up in seconds: SEON will be up and running in no time without interruptions to your customer’s experience.
  • Detect suspicious orders: we analyze each transaction and assign a unique risk score so you can easily catch fraud.
  • Stop losses and increase profit by eliminating investigation and chargeback fees, lost payments, and goods.
  • Customize the system to be the best fit for your store and flag any risks particular to your business.
  • Leverage our feature set to automatically handle orders, transactions, and other eCommerce-specific features, right from the app. 

Add SEON to your store

First things first, let's add SEON to your store and start checking the orders for fraud.

1. Visit SEON Fraud Prevention in the Shopify app store.

2. Click Add app.

3. Log in to your Shopify account (when needed).

4. Complete the installation by clicking Install app.


Create your SEON account

Almost there! Now, you will need to complete the onboarding and activate your account.

1. Add your contact information.

2. Click Next.

3. Activate your account by selecting a billing plan

4. Approve the subscription.

5. You’ll be redirected to the confirmation page where we suggest watching the demo and walkthrough video to best understand the system.

6. You’re set, from this point, every incoming order will be automatically checked by SEON.
Welcome onboard!

Meet your SEON for Shopify App


Where you’ll find highlights of a few key stats. Advanced stats are also available on the Admin Panel. Links throughout the app will direct you to the specific sections of the Admin Panel to further options and customization.

Admin Panel

This is SEON’s main platform, it’s the engine under the hood. You can access it through the app. It will automatically redirect and authenticate you to SEON’s end-to-end fraud prevention platform.


This will take you directly to the Transactions section of the Admin Panel where you’ll see all the orders checked by SEON and their detailed fraud analysis.


You have granular control over your risk tolerance with the Scoring threshold customization option.
You’ll also find a couple of Shopify specific customization options, like Payment capture, Fulfillment hold, and Order cancellation.
Specific links to a few advanced customization options regarding Notifications, Scoring Engine & Rules, and List Management.


The current plan section highlights the billing period and your usage within the cycle. 
SEON has different billing plans to suit every need, each with a 14-day trial when you first start using the app. Choose the plan that best fits your store’s monthly order volume and required customer support level on the billing selector.


Available even before account activation, this section of the app highlights the SEON for Shopify demo and app walkthrough video. 

We also recommend checking out the Knowledge Base, where we have detailed guides regarding all Shopify app and Admin Panel specific features. 

We developed the Shopify integration, so you can start benefiting from SEON right away. More information about how the Shopify order, transaction, and customer API data is mapped to SEON is available here.

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