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Updated on 30.01.24
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The Lists page allows you to manage all blacklisted, whitelisted and flagged values in your account. In order to add new values to the blacklist or whitelist, you can either enter the fields and values manually or upload a CSV file for faster action. 

Simply click Add value on the Blacklist, Whitelist or the Custom list tab to create a new entry. You can then review the values and click Add to list to finalize. Feel free to add comments and expiration dates as needed. 

You can also add values to lists through Lists API, you can find a detailed description of how to get started in the API reference page.

All blacklisted, whitelisted, flagged values, and custom lists are listed under the tabs on the top.

Values can only be flagged from the transaction details. However, you have the option to have every blacklisted value be flagged automatically.

This function allows you to overview your blacklist/whitelist rules for quality checks or reporting reasons. In addition to inputting data points manually, you may also set overwrites, setting a preference in case two different states should apply to a transaction. You can do this through the Settings page.


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