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Updated on 21.03.23
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Designed for highly time-sensitive customers, such as payment providers, payment gateways, and ecommerce, SEON's lightning track can reduce fraud prevention calculation times to a few hundred milliseconds.


Understanding lightning track

Lightning track can reduce the time it takes for Scoring Engine to calculate a transaction's fraud score. While your exact response time will depend on the type of queries you're running and your connection characteristics, lightning track reduces rule calculation times to 3–400 milliseconds. In use cases where rule calculation accounts for most of your response time this can lead to significant gains.

Lightning track uses an async method to ensure that our Scoring Engine can process scores and rules quicker. The solution is best-utilized to prioritize speed and response times.

Lightning track will not change how your rules are calculated. However, you may see slight differences in the results of certain velocity rules if Lightning track is enabled. 


Using lightning track

Lightning track is an opt-in feature designed for select use cases. It's available after a consultation and scoping session with our technical Customer Success team. 

This is to make sure lightning track can work for you. Reach out to our Customer Success Team if you’d like a technical scoping session.

When on lightning track, you can also pair real-time transaction analysis with feedback, without using Label API separately. This allows you to train SEON’s machine learning at speed and ease.


Learn more

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