Upgrade your account to a paid plan

Updated on 27.05.24
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Once your 14-day free trial ends, you can continue using SEON for free. The Free plan offers 500 manual queries a month at two queries per second. If you need more performance, you can upgrade your account to the Starter or a Professional plan easily from the Admin Panel.


Why upgrade SEON

SEON is modern fraud prevention for a new digital generation leveraging digital footprinting and device intelligence as a advanced way to identify suspicious online behaviour and patterns. Using phone, email, and social media as digital passports, in addition to extensive device-related information helps you cut back on fraud rates and unlock new revenue opportunities.

The vast amount of data paired with behavior analysis, transaction monitoring and advanced machine learning capabilities, in addition to the fully customizable Scoring Engine adapts to your ever-changing needs and fraud appetite as your business grows.


Hands-on with upgrading your SEON account

You can switch to a different payment plan any time during or after your free trial from the Admin panel. Head to the Plans tab of the Settings page. You can either upgrade to the Starter plan right away or contact us to map out the particulars of your Professional plan. 

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