Updated on 22.09.22
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The Workbench page allows you to keep up to date with the performance of the SEON Machine Learning system and how it is working for your business, including the ability to review recent risky transactions.

There are three main sections - Statistics/Confusion matrix, New Rules and Risky Transactions.

Statistics / Confusion matrix

This table shows the total performance of all SEON rules by comparing the state of transactions identified by SEON against their current state. It shows how many transactions have been correctly identified as either Approve, Review or Decline as well as how many have been passed to the machine learning system for future learning. 

It is possible to select a specific month to review, change the currency of viewed transactions, as well as export the report to CSV.


New Rules

The New Rules tab lists every new Machine Learning and Heuristic rule from the last seven days. It is suggested that each of these are reviewed and potentially added to your Scoring Engine to the custom rules. 

The lists are ordered by the accuracy and the number of affected transactions.


New Risky Transactions

The Risky Transactions tab shows all DECLINE and REVIEW transactions from the last seven days. This is a great platform for manual reviewing of transactions.

It is possible to change the order of transactions by clicking on the column headers at the top of each transaction list. It is also possible to go directly to the Transactions list by using the ‘Go to Transactions’ link at the top of the screen.

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