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Updated on 27.11.23
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The Monitoring page is your hub for staying up to date with SEON's Machine Learning solutions. Review email clusters, new recommended Machine Learning rules, and explore your most risky transactions from a single page.

Email clusters

Email clustering was designed to enhance your fraud detection capabilities by identifying and grouping likely algorithmically generated email addresses, using data from the past 30 days.

Under the Email Clusters tab of the Monitoring page, we display all identified clusters along with corresponding details - the number of emails in the cluster, the number of generated rules for them, and the last date the list was updated.

Email clusters tab of the monitoring page


New Risky Transactions

The Risky Transactions tab shows all transactions from the last seven days in the DECLINE and REVIEW state. You can change the order of transactions by clicking on the column headers at the top of each transaction list. You can also go directly to the Transactions list with the Go to Transactions link.

New risky transactions tab


New Rules

The New Rules tab lists every new Machine Learning and Heuristic rule created in the last seven days. We suggest that you review these and turn them on or off from the list. If you'd like to change any of their characteristics duplicate them as Custom Rules.

New rules tab on the Monitoring page

Click the header of the ID, Rule name, Aff Tr. and Aff Amount columns to order transactions. The Affected transactions counts the number of transactions that would have triggered the transaction at the time of its creation. The Affected amount calculates the total value of all transactions that would have been effected by the rule when created.

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