How to adjust the data enrichment timeout

Updated on 27.05.24
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Timeouts define the total amount of time a server should wait for a response from a service. You have to keep two timeouts in mind when setting up SEON: your integration timeout, and the Email and Phone API timeout. Learn how to change the latter below.


Why timeouts matter

Timeouts affect the accuracy of the information SEON can provide to help you fight fraud but have to be balanced with your customers' user experience. Every business has a different risk appetite, and we've designed SEON to fit every need. Check our integration guide for a deep dive into timeouts and how they affect results.

Your integration timeout is set on the client-side and tells your servers how long to wait for a response from SEON. It includes network latency and the time needed for SEON's data enrichment and scoring engine processes to run.

The Email and Phone API timeout is set in the SEON settings panel and tells our data enrichment process how long it should wait for a response from the sites and services it checks.

As data enrichment is the most time-consuming part of the process, we recommend you to only implement it at the earliest access point of the customer (e.g. onboarding). 

it's also worth noting that data enrichment can be done async as well: as soon as we have the email/phone (Email and Phone API should be called individually), we can cache it for later, making response times much faster.

Adjusting the Email and Phone API Timeout

1. Head to the SEON Dashboard.

2. Open Settings.

3. Stay on the General tab.

4. Find the Email API / Phone API timeout box.

5. Type your preferred timeout in the textbox.

6. Click Save Settings to confirm your changes.

7. Monitor results and finetune the setting as needed.


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