Device fingerprinting integration options

Updated on 13.06.24
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Device fingerprinting solutions are small, lightweight code snippets you can integrate into your website or app. SEON offers different solutions for integrating Device Fingerprinting into your website and apps for different platforms.  


Integration options

Whether you manage one website or many, focus on one platform, or support all, we know your time is precious. Integrating third-party tools can be a hassle – especially when development resources are scarce.
We develop our Device Fingerprinting solution with this in mind, and whichever integration option you choose below, we've made the integration process as easy and pain-free as possible. 


Our trusty JavaScript Snippet will help you out when you want to integrate Device Fingerprinting into your website or web app. You can quickly integrate our CDN- hosted snippet with only a few lines of code in your website's header – or when users trigger specific actions. Want to know which data points we'll cover? Check here.


Designed to gather general device data and iOS-specific information (e.g., iCloud ubiquity token, iOS version data, Jailbreak status), our iOS SDK is the go-to solution for iOS-only apps. Find the full list on our dedicated page. Integrate the app into the next version of your app to get started.

Android SDK

Naturally, we also have solutions for the world's most popular mobile operating system. Our Android SDK collects general device information and specific data points only found on Android devices (e.g., Android ID, Android version data). Check the complete list here. Start securing your Android app with a quick update.


React Native Wrapper

If you're developing a React Native app – and let's be honest, who isn't nowadays? – then, our React Native Wrapper will be your quickest integration option. It contains both the iOS SDK and the Android SDK to meet all your needs. Simply add the wrapper to your project and call it when needed.


Flutter Plugin

Our Flutter Plugin is your magic key to seamless integration! It’s like a Swiss army knife for your app, packing both iOS and Android SDKs into one sleek package. Just drop it into your project, give it a nudge, and let the magic unfold. Your cross-platform dreams just got a whole lot closer!


Good to know

You'll have to consider many questions before deploying Device Fingerprinting technology. These range from technical issues to user privacy and legal compliance.


  • SEON's Fraud API does not require Device Fingerprinting to work. However, you'll only unlock its fullest potential with device data.
  • The Device Fingerprinting tool will encrypt its payload on the target de- vice. You'll see the results of all checks on the SEON Admin panel or through your Fraud API integration.
  • The data collected on mobile devices depends on the level of permission your app has on the customer's device.
  • The size of the Device Fingerprinting payload is influenced by the version you are using. We'll communicate any expected changes to payload size in our release notes.

Privacy and Compliance

  • Most data privacy regulations allow data collection to prevent fraud. However, you will likely have to modify any applicable documentation (e.g., Privacy Notice, Terms of Service) before enabling device fingerprinting.
  • The retention of device fingerprinting data is tied to our Fraud API data retention practices, which you can find here. Feel free to contact our team to delete data before the end of the retention period.


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