Using Fuzzy Search in AML queries

Updated on 18.08.23
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SEON's AML tools offer a wide range of solutions and configuration options to support KYC & MLRO officers in their fight against fincrime and money laundering. Simply run quick checks with simple search, or use or complex search to hone in on the correct person. You can also decide to use exact search or fuzzy search and shift through their data quickly with our relevancy score system.


Fuzzy Search Settings

When using AML API over an API integration, you can customize your fuzzy search settings by including parameters in your API request.

Include your fuzzy parameters nested within the config.fuzzy_config parameter. You can use the parameters below to tweak what kind of results fuzzy search returns.

  • phonetic_search_enabled – Default setting: False. 
    If enabled the parameter will turn on SEON's Phoinetic Search module. This means that the tokens entered into AML API are converted into a phonetic representation using the double metaphone, koelnerphonetik, haasephonetik, beider-morse, and daitch-mokotoff algorithms. When enabled the AML lookup will only use these phonetic representations of entered name and those in the database.
  • edit_distance_enabled – Default setting: True. 
    edit distance is the number of single-character changes needed to turn one term into another (e.g. mat » bat has an edit distance of 1). When set to True, AML lookups will return names similar to the search term entered: e.g.: 'Anastasia' matches 'Anastasya'. When you enter a search query, our system compares it to the names in our database. If a name token (a name element) has a length equal to or greater than 7 letters, we allow for 1-character edits to find potential matches. If the token length is equal to or greater than 13, we allow for 2-character edits to find potential matches.
    For example, you enter the name "Tetjana Donez" which consists of two tokens. With the default value of 7, for each token with a character length above this value, our system will search for variations with 1 edit distance (single-character changes) to find potential matches.
    For example, "Tetjana Donez" will be considered a match with "Tetiana Donets" because they differ by just one character.
  • scoring.result_limit – Default setting: 10.
    Use this parameter to define the maximum number of hits AML API should return in the result set. The result set is ordered by the source type hits are identified in: ['sanction', 'warned_entities/crimelist', 'central_bank/watchlist', 'pep']
  • scoring.score_threshold – Default setting: 0.585.
    Set the Relevancy score threshold. The relevancy score is a normalized probability score with possible values between 0-1.


What writing systems (languages) does fuzzy search support?

The default language within the SEON system is English. Our more advanced search tools are only available in English, including the fuzzy search engine.

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