Introduction to AML and fraud case management

Updated on 24.06.24
9 minutes to read
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SEON's innovative alert engine, case management and suspicious activity reporting system allows you to detect, investigate and report suspicious activities, all within one unified platform. 

It's crucial to recognize that combating money laundering, terrorism financing and financial crime boils down to one primary task: effectively distinguishing between bad actors and law-abiding individuals based on available data and promptly reporting the suspicious entities. 

This task becomes exceptionally complex in environments with millions of transactions, thousands of clients, and a small number of fraudsters and money launderers actively attempting to evade detection by blending in with legitimate users

That's where SEON comes into the picture. Here's everything you need to know about the basics of AML and fraud case management within SEON and setting yourself up for success.


Main components of case management

SEON's case management solution consists of three key components:

  1. A powerful alert engine that's highly customizable to implement alerts for any type of suspicious behavior pattern.

2. Highly flexible case management capabilities to efficiently handle alerts, distribute workloads, oversee and assign tasks, create cases for prolonged investigations, and escalate for reporting.

3. The SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) function enables the translation of suspicious behavior into a reportable format, reducing manual and repetitive workload.