Alerts page

Updated on 24.06.24
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On the Alerts page, you will find the full list of alerts your SEON team has created and can manage them from here. Additionally, you can manage and create alert triggers here.



You can review the full list of alerts from the Alerts tab. Search for a specific alert by Alert ID or Transaction ID, or filter the list based on alert status, name of the trigger that activated it, the assignee it belongs to or the date it was created on.

You can select one or multiple alerts and change their status, assign them or add them to a case by using the icons at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking on a specific alert will open Alert details page where you can review and edit all the information related to the alert, change its status or assign/reassign it.

Alert triggers

From this tab, you can turn on/off alert triggers with the toggle on the left. To create a new alert trigger, click the New trigger button in the top right corner.