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Updated on 15.07.24
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At its heart, machine learning algorithms learn from good and bad examples. By default, our machine learning solutions learn from transaction states but you can finetune their performance using labels. Create positive and negative transaction labels to give more accurate feedback and rule out false positives.


Using feedback loops

By default, SEON's machine learning solutions learn from transaction states. As a result, both solutions are trained and re-trained using transaction data unique to your account to prevent fraud specific to your business.

APPROVESafe transactions.
REVIEWSuspicious transaction escalated to manual review.
DECLINEConfirmed fraudulent transaction.



Consider labels as sub-categories of the three main states defined in SEON by default. You can use labels to improve the granularity of the information you provide to the machine learning algorithms. 

Positive and negative labels will group similar transactions together and help the AI find connections and correlations between transactions with the same labels.


Manual labeling

Your team can easily add labels to transactions on the Transaction list page. Click on the state of any transaction and select the desired label from the dropdown menu.



Label API

The Label API offers a completely automated option for providing your machine learning algorithms with feedback. You can also use it as a way of sharing information that would otherwise be unavailable to the algorithms, e.g. the postback data from the payment gateway: is a card authorized, lost, or stolen, etc.

The automation offered by the Label API is especially powerful if you handle hundreds or thousands of transactions with SEON each day.


Feedback settings

The Machine Learning tab of the Settings page houses all settings related to your whitebox and blackbox models, including labels.

To create a new label simply type its name into the Negative Labels or Positive Labels field and hit enter or click the plus sign. The label will now appear in the drop-down on the Transactions list.

Click the toggle switch below the labels setting if you'd prefer SEON's machine learning solutions train only using the Labels you set up.


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