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Updated on 28.11.23
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Power up your anti-money laundering compliance efforts with SEON's AML API. Make SEON a part of your 6AMLD compliance workflow and fight fincrime in a single tool.


Widget Data

The AML Information widget showcases all information connected to your AML API request, including input data, potential matches, and a list of data sources. Click Refresh Data to run the API check again manually.

Screening and monitoring

At the top of the widget, you'll find the date the customer was last screened. Check the small number to the right of Screening date to see the total number of times a customer has been screened. Click on the arrow to the right of the date to see a history of API calls with this name.

You can use the toggle in the Monitoring row to enable or disable automatic monitoring for this customer.


Divided into the four categories AML API runs checks against, the Hits section of the widget displays the number of potential matches for the name.

Simply click on any of the numbers to review the potential matches SEON identified. Learn more in our AML API workflow guide.

Input data

This section of the widget houses the exact information you used to run your lookups. It will only display the fields you used, we won't automatically separate a name entered into the full name field into first, middle and last names.


Click on Sanction sources to expand a list of all the sources SEON checked as part of this screening. You'll see the date of the last changes top each of these databases on the right. Dates follow a Month, Day, Year format (MM/DD/YY).

Learn more

There's more information about SEON's AML solution around Docs. Uncover the details below: