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Updated on 28.11.23
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Run AML and KYC and KYB checks against PEP, RCA, Sanctions, Crime Lists, and Watch Lists with SEON's AML API. See all matches in one place and decide whether they are genuinely connected to your customer or not. Block high-risk customers, add them to a custom list in SEON, use the data to create rules, or set up automatic monitoring if needed.


Why use AML API?

Achieve and maintain compliance with the Sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD) and other regional AML regulations with SEON. Fight fraud and fincrime with a single tool.

Use SEON to automate your transaction monitoring and your AML process. SEON's AML API takes your customers' names and checks them against over 120 PEP, RCA, Sanctions, Crime Lists, and Watch Lists. When running an entity search, we check over 60 Sanctions and Watch Lists. 

Hands-on with AML API

This guide will focus on your day-to-day work with AML API. How you use our anti-money laundering tools will depend on your integration. Ideally, you should send names over a Fraud API or standalone AML API integration. However, you can also check names manually from the SEON Admin panel if needed.

Manual Lookups

1. Open the SEON Admin Panel.

2. Click on Manual Lookup in the menu.

3. Open the AML tab of the manual screening widget.

AML lookup tab on the Manual Lookup page

4. Enter the name you'd like to check in as much detail as possible.

5. Click Run AML lookup.

6. The AML screening widget will display results on the right.

7. Click View hits.

Go to the Reviewing hits section of this guide to continue.

With API integration

1. Open the SEON Admin Panel.

2. Click on AML in the menu.

3. The AML Screening view will open with a list of all AML API checks your team has run using the API or manual lookups.

4. Names we've found on one of the four list types SEON monitors will be marked with Hit in the respective column. You will have to confirm that the hits match your customer manually.

5. Click on a name with hits to begin your review.

6. The AML Details page houses a summary, the Identity widget, the AML information widget, and the List status widget. 

AML details page

The Identity widget collects user information connected to other SEON tools.

The AML information widget displays AML results. Click View hits for more detailed information. 

Reviewing hits

8. The Review AML hits window will list hits on all monitored PEP, RCA, Sanctions, Crime Lists, and Watch Lists.

9. See a list of all hits on the left side of the modal.

10. Scroll through and review the details of the data match on the right of the modal.

11. If the listed person is not your customer, click Mark as false match. If the hit is a true match, you don't have to do anything.

12. Scroll to the next Hit in the list and repeat the process.

13. If you are reasonably sure that none of the hits match your customer, use the Mark all hits as false matches button below the list.

14. When you've finished reviewing all hits, click Mark as reviewed to complete the process.

15. You will return to the AML Details page. If you need to monitor the reviewed name for future changes, click the toggle under Monitoring.

16. Return to the AML Screening list and click on the next name waiting for review.

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