What devices are included in the Device Fingerprinting feature?

Updated on 12.04.22
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Common device fingerprinting solutions track standard cookies, browsers and device hashes. For SEON, we noticed fraudsters and bots have a specific combination of settings on desktops, machines and mobiles used for fraud attempts.

So we track and assign varying levels of risk scores to these browser characteristics, extensions or environment setups.

Browsers specifically designed to get around many existing fraud solutions: 

  • Indigo, Kameleo, Sphere, CyDec, Linken Sphere, Multilogin, GoLogin, AntBrowser, Accovod, ClonBrowser, Ghost Browser, Stealthfox
  • Privacy browsers such as Brave and Tor
  • Browser spoofing
  • Browser version age
  • Rare browser environments
  • Browser anti-fingerprinting extensions: AdBlock Plus, AdBlocker Ultimate, AudioContext Fingerprint Defender, Canvas Blocker, Canvas Fingerprint Defender, CyDec Platform Anti-Fingerprinting, Disconnect, DuckDuckGo privacy essentials, Fingerprint Spoofing, Ghostery, Font Fingerprint Defender, LastPass: Free Password Manager, Privacy Badger, Script Safe, WebGL Fingerprint Defender, DOM blockers
  • Unpopular screen resolutions
  • Common combinations of bots, automation or testing tools such as Selenium, Headless Chrome, Headless Firefox, PhantomJS
  • VM environments such as VMware and VirtualBox
  • Combination of suspicious browser profiles:
    • The riskiness of the browser
    • Device, font, WebGL or canvas hashes
    • Number of audio inputs and outputs plus video inputs in the browser

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