SEON’s Shopify admin extensions

Updated on 10.03.23
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Keep track of your order checks and catch any fraudulent activity by getting detailed information on any order with SEON’s Shopify admin extensions.


SEON’s Transactions page quick access

Head to the Order details page of the Shopifgy admin, click on More actions and select View orders in SEON Fraud Prevention. You’ll be directed to the Transactions page, where you’ll see all the checked orders and their detailed analysis.


Manual check on orders placed before using SEON

You can manually check any order that has not yet been checked by SEON if you go to Orders on the Shopify admin panel.

1. Click the check mark next to the orders you’d like SEON to run a check on.

2. Select More actions.

3. Select Check orders with SEON Fraud Prevention

4. SEON will check these orders within a minute.

5. The order check result will be available on the order details page in Shopify.

Orders that were already checked by SEON will be skipped and not checked again.

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