Custom scoring and states with rule categories

Updated on 28.11.23
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You can group rules and automatically apply a unique score and state to all transactions that trigger a rule in these categories. This way, when you review suspicious activity you can get a better understanding of what happened right away.

How to use it

1. Head to your Scoring Engine tab.

2. Click Custom Rules at the top.

3. Select a category you want to edit, then click the three dots next to the rule’s name.

4. Click Category settings.

5. Click the switch left of Enable category score.

6. You can also set a custom State threshold to the category store if you want to. All you need to do is Enable category states by clicking the switch on the left.

7. Click Save rule.

8. Once this is ready you will see the category score and category state under Transaction Details page in the Applied Rules widget.

9. You can also request these fields in the Fraud API response. To do that include rule_category_details in the response_fields under the config object when calling the Fraud API.


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